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In this section, you will find a series of supporting information that may help you complete your basic knowledge on climate change and develop activities and projects proposed by Click for Schools.
Each sheets present simply a specific concept or issue and provide additional links to learn more.

CarbonCycleCarbon Cycle, atmospheric, CO2, spheres, planet, carbon, fossil fuels
CC FloodsCatchment, flood risk, informed decisions, human encroachments, institutions, cooperation, empathy, adaptation, rules enforcement
Climate change – what is it really Climate, Mediterranean climate
Climate changes and eco-systemsEcosystem, habitat, living community, biodiversity, adaptation of organisms
ElectricityElectricity, fossil fuels, lignite, Carbon footprint, Greenhouse effect, energy use
GreenhouseeffectGas, greenhouse gas, atmosphere
Ocean acidification and biodiversityOcean, acidification, biodiversity
The water cycleResource, water
Water, an endangered resourceResources, overexploitation, hydraulic, shortage, pollution
What does adaptation meansAdaptation, resilience, prevent, damage
Wildfires in Mediterranean countries and Climate ChangeWildfires, fire, Forest fires, Mediterranean Ecosystems, Ecology, triangle, danger map, Natural Disasters

This section proposes a series of games, explorations, experimentation and other activities that can be easily implemented in the classroom.
According to each issue, these activities can be associated to other activities or projects, and completed with external sources. You can find complete examples of pedagogical programs on this website.
You can use the search engine to find interesting activities related to your topic (greenhouse, biodiversity, water, energy, etc.) or your discipline (geography, natural science, art, etc.)

A clean community Littering en cause-and-effect degradation, waste, plastic, community,
citizenship, responsibility,
protection, territory,
Sciences, Social sciences, Geography, Maths
Acting as an eco-citizen in local communityraising, awareness, civil actionMother tongue, Science, Civic education
Activity on flood risks in your area Floods, Water, InundationsScience, history, mother tongue language
Activity to introduce Climate Change to students Waste, water, air pollution, biodiversity, public migration, transport, energy, major natural risksSciences
Create a smartphone application
to adapt to a natural major risk
Mathematics, Algorithm, Programming, Application, smartphone, Natural risks, flood, forest fire, natural disaster, securityMathematics,Technology
Activity to review Science lessons
by creating a board game
Climate change, water, greenhouse effect, biodiversity, floods, pollution, waste, mobilityScience
Climate change and flash floods flood risk, flash floods, prevention, climate change, mitigation, adaptationGeography, physics, civic education
Climate change reporter –
Observing and reporting on possibl…
climate change, Mediterranean
region, human , activities , CO2
Design of an ecological house model
adapted to regional constraints
and available local resources
Energy consumption, renewable energy, natural resources, sustainable development, water, risk, waste, recycling, modelTechnology, Sciences, Art
Drawing your climate reality –
The impact of climate change on your specific area
Territory, development, causes, impacts, environment, adaptation, mitigationGeography, Natural Science, Economy
Experiment about CO2 impact on earth temperatureCO2, Global warming, Greenhouse effect, TemperatureSciences, Physics, Geography
Experiment about creation
of electricity with a solar panel
Electricity, Scheme, Renewable, energy, ExperimentPhysics, Sciences
Experiment about ice melting impact on the sea levelSea level, Ice melting, Ice on continent, Global warming, Natural riskSciences, Physics, Geography, Civic education
Experiment about temperature impact on sea levelTemperature, Sea level, Global warming, Natural riskSciences, Physics, Geography
Experiment about the sea acidification
impact on the marine s life
Ocean acidification, pH, Marine life, Sea environment, CO2 solubility, BiodiversitySciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography
Exploring the consequences
of climate change in our environment
Mediterranean climate, natural risks, biodiversity, air pollution, waterGeography, maths, languages, science, ICT
Interview with the author of an ecological bookClimate change, water, air pollution, waste, mobility, energy, biodiversity, greenhouse effectScience, mother tongue language, Civic Education
Reactions of eco-system to climate changesClimate change, habitats, living conditions, adaptation, organisms , Water, biodiversity, agricultureScience, Geography
The impact of climate change
on the extinction of bees
Bee, living conditions, pollination, blooming calendar, biodiversityScience
The impact of climate change on sardine growthSardine, growth changes, adjustment, living conditions, BiodiversityMother tongue, Science
The impact of climate change
on the migrations of the squids
living conditions, squids, migration change, BiodiversityScience
The skills of adaptation to climate changeSkills of adaptation, trees, life in communityScience, Mother tongue, Civic education
Towards a sustainable transport MobilityImpact of the mobility, tranports, Fossil fuel, Air pollution, Sustainable mobilitySciences, Social sciences, Geography, Civic education, History,
When Mediterranean species are threatened
by climate change
Biodiversity, habitat, endangered species, Mediterranean, Mediterranean region, causes, ecosystemGeography, Biology, science

This section proposes a series of pedagogical projects, which will involve students during several weeks or months, and will engage them in a whole process of creation, exploration, and other team works, that will help them develop ecocitizenship. These projects can be related to some activities or external sources. You can find complete examples of pedagogical programs on this website. You can use the search engine to find interesting projects related to your topic (greenhouse, biodiversity, water, energy, etc.) or your discipline (geography, natural science, art, etc.)

Adaptation to natural major
risks by creating an
application for smartphone
Programming, Application, smartphone, Natural risks, flood, forest fire, natural disaster, securityBiology, Geography, Mathematics, Algorithmic
Adaptation to global change
problems by creating an
ecological house model
Model, eco-responsibility, energy consumption, renewable energy, sustainable development, recycling, water, major risksSciences, Biology, Physics, History, Geography, Civic Education, Arts, Technology, English Language
Awarness raising action
to limit the proliferation
of tiger mosquito
Mosquito, lifecycle, Reproduction, DiseasesGeography, sciences, mathematics, civic education, mother tongue, health
Causes and consequences of Climate Change Final sheet contentWildfires, Forest fires, Mediterranean, Ecosystems, Ecology, fire triangle, Natural DisastersBiology, Sciences, Geography, civic education
Develop a campaign on the
impacts of climate change on Biodiversity in the Mediterranean Area
Biodiversity, Mediterranean ecosystem, impact, habitatGeography, Natural, science, Biology
Creating a communication campaign made by students for students and general publicCommunication, Citizenship, CampaignSciences, ICT, Mother tongue, Civic education
Electrical energy and climate changeElectricity, fossil fuels, lignite, carbon footprint, greenhouse effectPhysics, Chemistry, Biology, Home economics, ICT
Organising a sustainable dinner to reflect
on a correlation between food, agriculture and CC
Food, agriculture, sustainability, food wasteSciences, Mother tongue language, ICT, Cooking
Preserving the natural sources
of water in the close surroundings
Karst hydrology, natural water sources, bio-communityScience, Geography, Technical education
Project to change our habits
concerning Littering
Littering, waste,
degradation, environment, collective responsibility,
team work
Science, Social sciences, Literature, Art, Geography, Maths
Promote sustainable MobilityTransports, CO2, fossil , fuel , polluting , atmosphereSciences, Social sciences, Geography, History, Maths
Trial of new city electric sharingMobility, transport,
air pollution, electric
Sciences, Gym, Civic education
Exploration and awarness action
to reduce food waste
Food habits, recyclingGeography, Sciences, Mathematic, Civic education, Mother tongue
Helping the bees to survive climate changesBee community, extinction of bees, living conditions, ecosystem, pollination, blooming calendarScience, mother tongue, technical education
Lead campaign to promote alternative
way of moving around
Greenhouse effect, Soft mobility, LifestyleGeography, Sciences, Mathematics, Civic education, Mother tongue, Sport
Interactive theater skeches for changing
our ecological behavior
Theatre, eco-citizenship, awareness, waste, pollution, biodiversity, transport, energy, responsible consumption, behaviourSciences, Mother Tongue Language, Civic Education, Arts
Writing lyrics for a rap song about water problemswater access, pollution , Poetry, writing, resource, responsible consumption, droughtGeography, Sciences, Mathematics, Civic education, Mother tongue, language, Music